18 July 2016

Honesty, the best policy?

Reading through a health and safety medical questionnaire for a job application, I would have to lie...
Q: Do you hear voices nobody else does?
A: All day long.
(Examiner response) After serious consideration, we have decided to offer you a different position where you will have a private office with padded walls and a secure (barred) view of lush gardens.
Q: Do you ever have thoughts of a violent nature which include grievous bodily harm?
A: Yes, frequently
(Examiner response) As standard precaution, we will also supply you with a white, oversized company jacket.
Writers are unfairly judged...

11 February 2016

Giveaway - The Guard Duet by Natalie Herzer

To celebrate the release of her paranormal romance Ebony Fight (The Guard Duet #2), Natalie Herzer is giving away both books in her series to 5 lucky winners.

Ebony Fight
(The Guard Duet #2)

A witch on the run...

After allying Lillian’s Ivory Guard, Becca is determined to round up more like-minded demons and Ebonys that could help in their fight against the old system. She knows her actions draw unwelcome attention and that she has to be careful now more than ever before.
So, is she foolish to trust Stone, the man who saves her brother's life - and stirs her blood?

A demon out to get her...

Stone is as cold and hard as his namesake. When he infiltrates a group of rebellious demons to find out how far the do-gooder attitude has spread, he doesn’t even blink at his orders to kill the leader. What he didn’t count on was Becca - the hot whirlwind turning his world and heart upside down. 

...and all hell breaks loose.