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"Time goes by and seasons change, but that doesn't mean we must stop living because of a fear of the unknown..." 

Tired of being a trophy girlfriend, Jessica Baxter leaves the city of Ft. Worth behind and accepts an offer to work on a wine farm on the Italian island of Sardinia. Excited at the prospect, she doesn't expect to get stranded on her first day. Her life takes a sharp turn when a British architect reluctantly offers to help. 

Soon after Graeme Di Marco leaves the glamour of London behind in search of a peaceful life for his family, tragedy strikes and he ends up raising a high spirited six-year-old by himself. Not only is the guilt he carries for his wife's death all consuming, he now has to put up with a cocky American tourist. 

Graeme and Jess battle to get along, but little do they know that his father and daughter are playing cupid behind the scenes. Nastassja, the little girl, sprinkles her magic and the two of them soon fall in love; but will the memory of his loss drive them apart?

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My African Dream finds Millicent Cramer in the heart of Kenya, a world she only ever dreamed about. Even her wildest imagination could not prepare her for life on African soil, but what she experiences there changes her life forever. She finds the harsh beauty overwhelming; the people comforting; and even stumbles on love…but the biggest thing she discovers is a purpose for her life - a calling far beyond anything she had experienced before.
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