22 September 2014

BIG 5 may soon become BIG 4...

I once again shed light on the problem of rhino poaching in Africa that threatens the continued existence of these beautiful beasts.
With today being World Rhino Day, it helps us reflect on what we are turning a blind eye to. If there is a fuel hike…we petition and threaten to burn down the fuel plants…If McD’s delivers a shoddy product, we boycott them…and so on.
But as we sit in our comfy recliners, drinking a glass of red or white… why should we care, right?
The decline of the rhino will reduce grazing land, which will also lead to the decline of the gazelle, antelope and zebra. And if these animals die out, so will lions and leopards. Can you picture a world where your children, or grandchildren, never get to see any of these animals . . . either in a zoo or on the Nature Channel? Not only will this change the savannah, but it will ultimately reduce tourism and lead to fewer jobs in a country already battling with unemployment. The stats are everywhere if we actually take the time to read them.

Never before have I been more excited to release a book, and never before have I been proud to stand up and make a noise in the hope that someone actually listens. My African Dream is due for release this Thursday, and I am seriously looking forward to stand by my pledge of donating 50% of all author proceeds to rhino conservation.


  1. please keep up this great important work. many thanks to you!!

  2. Thanks Kimberly!
    I hope it creates enough awareness

  3. Hi Mario - I've come over from Mason's blog ... and you're raising awareness of something so precious to Africa and to life as a whole - I just hope we can do it .. cheers Hilary

  4. Thanks Hilary!
    All we can do is try...