31 December 2014

Keep Love Alive... in Twenty-One-Five!!

As 2014 disappears like a shadow in fear of the promising light of the New Year, we all take time to reflect on what has come and gone.

For some the good memories overpower the bad, and then others choose to drag the baggage of what was along with them.

For me - books were written, published, read and reviewed. In the same fashion, so was everything in my life. But the evaluation I received on a personal note was not as kind as a reader blown away by the characters I had created, but rather the brutal judgement of self. I felt uprooted when I lost love, was taken from those that are most dear, and battled to carry on.

Reading comments for what I had written brought the realisation that I truly believe life will be okay. Yes, we have storms. Rain washes down and threatens the integrity of our foundation. Yet writing this now, I am able to see and feel the sunshine of tomorrow waiting to shine on my face.

After months of unmotivated silence, I am glad to announce that the words are flowing once more and I will have a new book soon. You see, as in my stories, love is usually waiting around the next bend. All we need to do is keep moving forward in order to find it. I am not referring solely to love of a romantic kind, but also to a love for one’s self.

Everyone talks of finding the love of your life, but how can you return that love if you don’t know what it feels like - inside? They walk into your darkness with a glow of promise, yes, but you can’t feed off that flame…only use it to light your own. Two burning at full strength will create a light that none can extinguish or hide.

As in my first book, Infirmity, I am reminded of the following…
Love is not a feeling... It is a choice.

A choice to accept love. A choice to savour it like vintage wine, careful not to waste. A choice not to take love for granted, and to count your blessings when as simple a gift as having coffee made for you in the morning is a reminder that somebody actually cares.
That feeling of belonging is enough fuel to make sure you keep going through even the longest day.

Though this may have started out as rather down, my message to you as you head into 2015 is to keep love alive. If you have it: cherish it. If you’ve lost it: search harder. If it died: plant a seed of hope and it will grow.

So…as fireworks light up the sky in anticipation of an exciting new start, don’t let your hopes and dreams fall to the ground like smouldering embers. Keep them alive in 2015. You are never too old.

And for those looking for love…keep at it and don’t lose hope.

I have found mine.

All the best for 2015!!

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  1. The self-love is probably the most important thing you mention. You cannot love others until you love yourself first. Nice post, Mario.