21 August 2014


What started as a dream, at around Christmas time last year, has finally become a reality. The months trailed and I thought I’d never finish, even threw it in the trash a few times, but were it not for certain people…this day would never have arrived.

Patricia Baxter…thank you, sweetheart!

I battled with stubborn characters, headstrong and determined, and even wrestled a lion or two; but nothing prepared me for the dreaded cover…

HEART COVERS, a new cover design business, accepted my plea and took on the task. It wasn’t easy seeing as only the best would be good enough for my baby, but with patience and creative genius, I finally gave the nod.

So here it is…

My African Dream is available on Amazon as a pre order, and will be released on my birthday, September 25th. Watch this space for an upcoming giveaway…

Remember that each book sold will help fund rhino conservation and preservation.
To the animals of Africa it is not a dream…it's survival.

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