3 December 2014

A Time For Giving...

A time of year when everybody gears up to spend and create memorable moments with friends and family.
Gifts are presented and usually judged by the amount spent, the store name that appears on the receipt, or even whether the gadget bought is not too outdated or ‘uncool.’
But after all the curve balls life throws at us, maybe we should go back to the basics.
Christmas is a time of giving and receiving, yes…but of ourselves and not our cards to swipe.

It makes the world go around, they say.
It also makes us blind, others murmur.
To me…it is a circle of life.
We are born, wide-eyed and helpless, needing to be loved for the sake of survival. And as the years go by and we age, there is actually not much difference.
We build castles and surround ourselves with items of beauty, but often fail to see the most precious gift that can ever be bestowed on any one person…

So as the year draws to a close, I look back at the weeks and months gone by and thank God for all those who filled my life with joy and happiness.
My tree may be empty, but the caring and love I received during the year will decorate my inner branches with lights far brighter than the stars in the sky.

Some of us have loved and lost, but after all this…love still conquers all.
Bless all of you, and bless the spirit of Christmas.

To continue with a cause I feel strongly about and a pledge, 50% of all proceeds from the sale of My African Dream will go to wildlife conservation, and more so towards the fight against rhino poaching.

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