20 August 2017

I Found A New Moonlighting Job

Killing people.

Fictionally, of course.

Following the successful murder mystery evening, I began a co-write with Natalie. She is my wife, in case you were wondering. Six weeks have gone by since that inspiring evening, and we are done.

Yes - Done! A novel in six weeks!

I still sit and wonder why the bloody hell I have gone from writing romance to urban fantasy, and then finally a Who Dunnit? The answer I found is actually quite simple: Why the bloody hell not!

9 July 2017

A Killer Party...

The mood was set.

While displaying vodka jelly shots on a boob-shaped platter, I looked up at the noose hanging from above my head. Children playing outside stopped to stare through the window, whispering among themselves. I could almost read their minds: "They turned their lounge into gallows..."
Smiling wryly, I was actually looking forward to curious glances once they had told their parents.

In our circles, my wife and I were renowned for discussing the strangest of topics. Murder was a new dark alley we wanted to explore...
Before anyone calls the cops or searches for Horatio Caine's cell number, we mean this in a literary sense.

The guests arrived.
Wide smiles dimmed and hands holding up wine bottles lowered when they took in the scene. Like a credit card ad catch-phrase, the expressions were priceless. Our murder mystery night had begun.

Off with their heads!!

17 February 2017