How do we end up here?

So how do we end up here?

Halfway through life and inspiration hits you right between the eyes.
But is it inspiration, or merely a way of making sense of it all?

Let us, for now, just call it another tick on a piece of paper we keep hidden in a bucket.
Basically, we always question everything with the preverbial 'why?'
Why am I not wealthy? Why am I not faster? Why do my kids disrespect me?
Well, for me at least, all things happen for a reason. And that is how I ended up here.

I'll get to the part about writing, soon. I hope.
For most, the path ahead is one of survival. A way of making a mark by wielding the biggest stick to fight off the mockery of others. Have you ever wondered why everyone on a train looks grumpy? Is it the monotone clacking of the wheels that remind them of the previous evenings' overindulgence? Or is it that they are counting the beat, much like the translike rhythm leading to the guillotine they call work?

All of this is for a reason. You can't write about your experience of climbing the Alps if you haven't left your living room. Or publish a book called '1001 easy meals in a jiffy' if you are unable to open up a can of beans. A large number of people out there have the gift of creating worlds in their minds, the rest of us write about what we know. We create characters that resemble actual living people, and then adapt their traits to make them more interesting than they actually are. By the way, for the record, my mother is not fat!

Ok. The writing part. There was no dream, or a vision in the night. This entire process started off as a way to communicate with a loved-one. Words that could not be said face to face were put down in the form of letters. Pages and pages of emotion were captured, sealed, and mailed. And as the pages flowed, an inspiration arose to convert the 'living people' into realistic characters. A passion for writing that was buried **** years ago (none of your business), was reborn.

So that is it in a nutshell. It has taken a lot out of me, but like everything else I do, it has been passion-driven fun.